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How to get over your ex webinar image. The webinar will address breakup anxiety, breakup advice, breakup affirmations and the no contact rule.

Because healing doesn't have to be a struggle..

If you're struggling to move on after a breakup, but have no idea where to begin.. you've come to the right place.

You don't have to suffer through your healing your broken heart anymore.

Instead, you can learn how to work with your subconscious brain to release attachment to your ex, rewire your brain, get closure and move on.

(P.S. Matters of the heart💖 have more to do with the brain🧠 than you would think🤯).

Ready to learn how to let go & reclaim your peace?

So.. you know you want to move on,

 Yet you keep finding yourself going back and forth with your ex unable to let go?


Ready to ditch the trial and error method of healing?

Tired of googling "how to get over your ex"?

Finally over taking random opinion based breakup advice from well meaning friends?


Instead of going in circles with those methods, you could move on with ease..

And that's where we come in.

At The Beautiful Love Journal, we believe that healing from a broken heart doesn't have to be complicated or take forever. We're here to help you get over your ex with ease.


The breakup recovery acceleration lab helps women to overcome breakup depression, by offering breakup motivation and breakup transformation. You will be able to get over your ex and get over your breakup fast.
Breakup coach teaching women how to get over their exes and overcome breakup grief. Her approach teaches women how to achieve breakup healing without the no contact rule or going to breakup therapy. This is outlined in her program the breakup recovery acceleration lab.

Hi, I'm Tendo!

And I'm passionate about helping women, just like you, to take the guess work out of their breakup recovery, and get over their exes with ease. I do this without the typical "opinion based" breakup advice you often find online.

Instead, I use practical science based tools that work with your subconscious brain to help you get rid of the blind spots that are keeping you stuck. 

A few years ago I had my own devastating breakup...My ex and I were close to getting engaged. We’d had gone ring shopping, and even moved to a new city together! So when it ended, I was in an emotional nightmare. I was broken, and I was so tired of getting the opinion based breakup advice that just was not working..

Desperate for relief, I began pursuing deep research about the actual science behind breakup recovery; and that’s when my life completely changed!

Using the tools I learned, today I’m not only healed, but I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been in my life and happily married to the love of my life. My goal is to equip as many women as I can with these tools, and provide them with the support and community that will help them confidently move on and prioritize their mental health. So Glad You're here. ❤️

Imagine the genuine sense of peace and freedom you will feel when you..

💖Finally move on from your ex for good

💖Wake up and realize that you have gone weeks without even thinking about your ex

💖No longer feel stuck and powerless over this breakup

💖Are no longer haunted by constant thoughts of your ex

💖Forgive yourself, and release the fear and guilt of moving on

💖No longer wake up with a heavy feeling in your chest

💖No longer have to fight through another day of sadness and grief because you finally feel like yourself again

💖No longer feel lonely, but but instead you feel content and secure

No matter where you currently are in your breakup healing journey, applying my science-based framework will help you to hack your subconscious brain so you can get over your ex in a matter of weeks. You can learn more about my get over your ex framework in my free webinar!

Client Testimonial: Ehi

My client Ehi had struggled going back and forth with her ex, with on again off again breakups for 10 years, but after following this science based process for 5 weeks, she able to completely get over her ex, and start the next chapter of her life with self love & healthy boundaries.

Client Testimonial: Candice

My client Candice reached out, devastated and struggling after her breakup. Buy after following the 5 week breakup recovery framework and learning how to deal with a breakup in a healthy way, she able to get over her ex, and experience the breakup healing she had been searching for.